A Shillington College brief to create a drink brand — I decided to rebrand the popular Japanese 'ion supply drink' Pocari Sweat for the UK market. 

Pocari Sweat is an inocuous name, free of negative connotation for most Japanese, but the transparent bottle, filled with cloudy liquid is a fairly unpleasant proposition for most English speakers.

It was clear then, that in order to break into the British market, a complete rebrand was needed. The drink is positioned as a sports drink in Japan, but with the dominance of Lucozade and energy drinks in the British market, a different strategy was needed.

Targetting aspirational 25-35 year old men, and focussing on the scientifically-proven rehydration properties of the drink led to a crisp, clinical design, which, whilst alluding to Japan (the name ‘Nomi’ simply means ‘drink’ in Japanese) doesn’t overplay this aspect and maintains a cool, understated look to appeal to the demographic.

Below is my development work.